“Chris knows how to connect with both kids and adults. His passion for the music and the instruments is apparent during his unique lessons. Our whole family has learned how to be better musicians by learning with Chris.” — Sloan Family“The only people that ever had a huge effect on my life while growing up were sports coaches. Chris is the first teacher that has ever really changed my life. He makes learning guitar exactly what you hope it will be cool, meaningful and rewarding. He will bring out the warrior in you!” — Chris Jarecki / student for 3 years

“Thanks, Chris. I love learning from you and your style of teaching a kind of Zen approach. It’s very different and very effective.” — Eileen Spann

  “Chris Murphy’s enthusiasm for music is infectious. This translates into creative, thoughtful and energetic teaching. Our 16 year old son looks forward to his lessons, practices at home without reminding, and has become passionate about all kinds of music, thanks to Chris.” — Katharine DeShaw“Chris’s teaching style is as unique and compelling as the music he plays. Chris caters each class to the individual’s needs and has a fantastic ability to shrink down the most complex of musical theories into vocabulary anyone can understand. Finding ones individual musical voice is the goal and discipline, patience and enjoyment are the tools used in Chris’s teaching to guide the process.” — Weston Pew

“In each lesson, he pushes you as a student, to accomplish something that you have not yet accomplished. Chris teaches using a variety of different techniques, improvising when needed.” — Ben